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Total Thermal Control

Precise Thermostatic Control for Heat Exchangers and Fuel/Oil Coolers

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Integrate with Ease

Compact and Customizable, Our Thermal Control Solutions Can Integrate into Any System

Military or army tank ready to attack and moving over a deserted battle field terrain. a lot of dust. copyspace
Designed to Exceed Expectations

Innovative Design and High-Quality Components Guarantee a Long Service Life

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Precision Machining &
Expert Engineering

In-House Engineering Teams and Top of The Line Machining Deliver Exceptional Products

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Thermostatic Technology

Thermostatic Valves

Our thermostatically controlled valves precisely control the fluid temperature for various applications, including thermal bypass, electronics cooling, airflow control, freeze protection, scald protection, and many others, where accurate temperature control is critical to project success.
Expertly designed and offered in a wide range of set-point temperatures to suit various Aerospace & Defense applications, our self-powered valves maintain optimal system conditions based solely on temperature.
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Our Technology

Each of our valves has a paraffin wax actuator at its heart, driving the precise thermal control our customers rely on to keep their systems within an ideal operating range.
The operation of our thermostatic actuators is based on the principle that there is a significant change in volume of the paraffin wax as it goes through a phase change from solid-to-liquid; liquid-to-solid as fluid temperature increases and decreases. This predictable change in volume produces a corresponding piston movement, either retracting or extending relative to the valve body, to precisely control system flow.
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Calibrating Valve


Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

ThermOmegaTech is located in Warminster, PA, where our engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, inspection, sales, and customer support operate out of this single location. This allows our team to maintain consistency and control throughout the design and production process.
We specialize in phase-change technology and custom thermal control solutions built to suit unique project needs. Paired with our AS9100D certified QMS and the capability for prototyping and small-batch runs with precision machining, we guarantee a product that will exceed your expectations.
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Who We Are

ThermOmegaTech® is an innovator in designing and manufacturing thermostatic temperature control products for Aerospace & Defense applications.

Our thermal control solutions seamlessly integrate into any system’s design and are offered in a range of set-points, sizes, and materials.

Whether you’re headed – under the sea, above the clouds, or beyond the stars – you can trust our self-powered temperature control products to get you there.┬á

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