Scald Protection


Modern air travel is a microcosm of convenience, combining expedited travel with relative comfort. Adorned with creature comforts and often featuring a meal service, each plane typically boasts at least one galley to furnish patrons with a variety of hot and cold drinks.

While a beneficial element of air travel, galley designs can quickly become a danger to airline personnel and travelers when the supply lines from an airplane’s in-flight coffee maker and the faucet are inter-connected through a shared manifold. ThermOmegaTech’s® scald protection valve prevents the scalding water from exiting the faucet and injuring crew members or passengers.


Scald Protection

How It Works

Installed in-line, the HAT or TV/HAT scald protection valve’s internal thermostatic actuator constantly monitors the water temperature flowing through it.

Should boiling water from the in-flight coffee maker backflow through a shared manifold into the faucet, the valve will sense the unsafe increase in temperature and modulate closed to interrupt the flow.

Innovatively designed utilizing our Thermoloid® paraffin wax actuator technology, the HAT or TV/HAT is hypersensitive to thermal variations and fast-acting. This valve effectively prevents overheated water from being released from the faucet and potentially scalding the user.

Once the water temperature falls below the valve’s set-point, the valve will modulate open to allow the resumption of regular faucet operation.



  • Fast-acting & rapid response to high temperatures
  • Does not need a source of electricity
  • Long service life and no maintenance requirements
  • Compact design fits into pre-existing systems
  • Easy-install thread connections
  • Unaffected by pressure variations



While our thermostatic HAT valves have been implemented in hundreds of temperature control applications in various industries, their primary application in Aerospace & Defense is in the prevention of scalding from water-bearing lines on aircraft.

The valves are typically installed in airplane galleys where manifolds connect coffee makers and faucets. Depending on manifold design, they may also be used to prevent scalding in lavatory faucets.

ThermOmegaTech’s HAT/SP is a self-actuating temperature control valve that prevents scalding water from discharging from emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations on military bases and other government facilities. The HAT/SP protects personnel from burns, or an exacerbated chemical reaction when water supply lines overheat from solar radiation or malfunctioning heat tracing.

For additional applications of the HAT/SP valve in industrial facilities, you can visit



Our HAT and TV/HAT valves are offered in ½” and ¾” sizes and with a wide range of temperature set-points to satisfy individual design requirements. The valves come standard in stainless steel but are available in 316 SS and/or passivated to prevent corrosion from disinfection solutions used in aircraft water systems.

To discuss additional customizations for your unique in-flight scald protection applications, we offer personalized Lunch & Learn consultations with ThermOmegaTech’s® Aerospace & Defense product specialists and design engineers: Contact us Today!

Past Projects

Our HAT or TV/HAT, scald protection valve, protects personnel in hundreds of commercial aircraft that crisscross the sky each day, including the Airbus 380, Airbus A330, Airbus A350, Boeing B747, Boeing B777, and the Boeing KC-46A Tanker.


Airbus 380

Airbus 380

Boeing KC-46

Boeing KC-46

Boeing 747 Galley - scald protection valve installed

Boeing 747 Galley
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