Thermostatic Control


The versatility of thermal actuator technology has led to its implementation in a variety of unique Aerospace & Defense applications. Combining straightforward design and reliable performance, our technology is often the ideal solution for particularly remote, original, and extreme design challenges. 


How It Works

Each of our thermal actuator valves are powered by our exclusive Thermoloid® paraffin wax actuator, precisely blended to produce a controlled volume change and useable stroke in response to a narrow range of temperature variations.

When the thermal actuator is in its “cold position” the Thermoloid® wax is solid, and the piston is retracted. Once the temperature increases to within the valve’s pre-determined active range, the wax changes into its liquid phase, undergoing thermal expansion and increasing in volume. This expansion extends the piston, producing usable stroke and putting the actuator into its “hot position.” The piston can then act upon a valve stem, lever or any other mechanical device requiring this type of movement.

Thermal actuators convert temperature change into a mechanical force to push/pull, open/close or move a load. The temperature change causes the wax to change its phase which occurs over a narrow and customizable temperature range, typically within 10-15°F, but can be modified to suit a variety of applications. Due to the non-compressible nature of the wax this motion produces a significant amount of force.


  • Self-Actuating: No need for an external power source
  • Maintenance-Free: No periodic calibration or service requirements
  • Predictable: Piston moves in relation to specific temperatures
  • Simplistic Design: Increases service life and minimizes part failures
  • High Power to Size and Weight Ratio: Small, light-weight designs
  • No Electric Power : Ideal for applications in explosion-proof environments



Each actuator is blended to respond to a specific temperature range and can be implemented into a variety of heating, cooling, or control/activation applications. By simplicity of design, the effect of the piston stroke generated by the thermal actuator will depend entirely on the thermal management/control system it is integrated into.

Thermostatic actuators are 100% self-powered which make them ideal solutions for applications in explosion-proof environments. They can be integrated into a wide variety of bodies, manifolds, and systems to produce motion based solely on temperature. This highly reliable technology is often used as a fail-safe in systems to guarantee an action even if electricity or other power source fails.

Temperature activated valves have a long history of meeting the tough demands of the Aerospace and Defense Industry. With the intrinsic accuracy of phase-change modulating valves to precisely account for gradual temperature changes, the applications for our technology are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Thermal Actuator Control of Airflow for UAVs

Thermal Actuator Control of Bouy Release Mechanism

Thermal Actuator Control of Fuel Oil Coolers


Thermostatic wax valve actuator technology is incredibly flexible, its parameters able to be molded to fit your unique temperature control project and individual vision. Our actuators have been used in applications with operating temperatures from 35°F to 210°F (1.7°C to 98.9°C). 

In addition to our comprehensive catalog of standard products for thermal bypass, fluid temperature control, electronics cooling, airflow control, freeze protection, scald protection and more, we offer custom-design engineering services to satisfy unique product requirements. If you require lower temperatures than our standard offering please inquiry with our team.

Schedule a Lunch & Learn consultation with ThermOmegaTech’s® product specialists and design engineers to discuss your temperature control needs.

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Past Projects

Our thermostatic technology has been implemented into dozens of unique and at times even unprecedented Aerospace & Defense applications where accurate temperature control was critical to successful execution.

Some applications where our temperature actuated valve technology has been implemented into custom designs include thermal bypass control in fuel/oil cooler assemblies of military planes, thermostatic control for heat exchangers in army tanks, airflow control on UAV, temperature control in navy radar systems, and linear heater actuator release of buoys.

Airflow Control on Unmanned Prototype Jet

Airflow Control on Unmanned Prototype Jet

Linear Heater Actuator Buoy Release

Linear Heater Actuator Buoy Release

Hydraulic Temperature Control on Tanks

Thermal Actuator for Hydraulic Temperature Control on Tanks