Freeze Protection Applications In Government Facilities


Aerospace & Defense is an exciting field, regularly featuring jets that break the sound barrier, massive naval ships, and powerful missile launchers. But while it’s easy to focus on these awe-inspiring achievements, it’s vital to also remember the industry’s foundations, both domestic and abroad – military bases and government facilities.

Many bases and facilities employ freeze-sensitive processes, systems, and equipment that must be protected from dropping temperatures. Left without, a freeze could result in costly damage, interrupted systems, and lengthy repairs.

Freeze Protection Applications In Government Facilities

ThermOmegaTech®’s HAT/FP freeze protection valve automatically modulates in response to dropping temperatures, protecting equipment and replacing manual freeze valves.

When temperatures drop to the valve’s set-point, it will modulate open and bleed the cold water to prevent freezing.
Once the line back-fills with warmer water and reaches the valve’s set-point, it will modulate closed to conserve water.

Here are common applications for this valve:


Outdoor Cold-Water Supply Lines

When a naval ship is dry-docked with equipment on board that requires a constant water supply to function, outdoor cold-water supply lines are connected from the dock to the ship. As these lines are exposed to the elements, they are frequently in danger of freezing. Manual freeze protection valves often result in an expensive waste of water when left open to drain long after the danger has passed due to human error.

The HAT/FP valve discharges only the minimum amount of water needed to prevent the line from freezing, therefore eliminating human error, reducing energy consumption, and often resulting in significant utility savings.


Condensate Systems & Float Traps

Various processes and systems contain condensate, either as a primary material or as a by-product, which is susceptible to freezing in the winter months.
The HAT/FP is installed at the end of a condensate line, often in place of a traditional steam trap. Once the condensate temperature falls to the valve’s set-point, it will open and drain the line before a freeze can occur.


Safety Showers on Military Bases & In Government Facilities

Emergency safety showers and eyewash stations’ water lines are often left unprotected, making frigid temperatures especially dangerous when harmful chemicals are being handled on military bases or in government facilities. The HAT/FP valve is installed at the emergency shower’s lowest point to drain cooled water before it can freeze and compromise the safety fixtures.


February 15, 2019

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