Freeze Protection For Dry-Docked Ships


ThermOmegaTech®’s HAT/FP freeze protection valves have countless uses in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) market – anywhere frozen water can cause damage, interrupt processes, or otherwise wreak havoc. Designed to be either ambient sensing or fluid sensing, the HAT/FP is reliable and fast-acting to protect your investments and equipment, while also saving water and money.

One example of the need for freeze protection is when a naval ship is dry-docked for routine maintenance or repairs. Equipment on the ship still needs to have a water supply while undergoing maintenance therefore water supply lines are set up from the dock to the ships. Like all water lines exposed to the elements, these supply lines are in danger of freezing should the temperature dip too far during the colder months.

To prevent the lines from bursting, ThermOmegaTech® HAT/FP valves are installed on the water supply lines at the dry dock. These thermostatic freeze protection valves will automatically bleed off the cold water and allow warmer water to back-fill to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Once the temperature falls to the valve’s set-point, typically 35°F, the valve modulates open establishing flow. Only after the water temperature rises above the valve’s set-point, it will then modulate closed to conserve water when the freeze danger passes.

The HAT/FP valve is reliable, long-lasting, and temperature-sensitive, guaranteed to keep your ships safe all winter long.

HAT/FPs Installed On Dry-Dock Water Lines Freeze Protection For Dry-Docked Ships
HAT/FPs Installed On Dry-Dock Water Lines

Utilizing the self-modulating HAT/FP in place of manual freeze protection valves leads to less water being used and, as a result, often substantial savings. Manual valves rely on workers to both open the valve before a freeze and remember to close the valve after the freeze danger has passed. As a casualty of human error, a massive amount of water can end up being wasted when the valves remain open for longer than necessary.

The HAT/FP valve bleeds only the minimum amount of water necessary to prevent the supply lines from freezing, conserving water, reducing energy consumption, and overall saving money.

U.S. naval bases that have implemented ThermOmegaTech®’s HAT/FP valves and have benefited from energy savings include Naval Base Kitsap, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, and Naval Station Everett.

All water-bearing systems susceptible to colder climates need to have freeze protection in place, making the possible applications for the HAT/FP valve endless. Contact us to learn how our freeze protection products can protect your equipment.


December 15, 2018

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