Are Your Water Supply Lines Safe From Freezing?


When naval ships are dry-docked for maintenance or repairs, some equipment or processes on-board may need an uninterrupted water supply. To maintain the operation of these systems, water supply lines are connected from the dock to the ships. However, like all water lines exposed to the elements, these supply lines can be in danger of freezing and bursting in cold weather, potentially leading to interrupted systems, extensive damage, and costly repairs.

Traditional manual freeze protection valves, as the name suggests, must be manually opened before the temperature dips to establish flow and closed once the danger has passed.

Forget to open them before a cold front and the supply line freezes, resulting in potentially catastrophic damages and critical onboard systems left without water. Forget to close them after the cold weather has passed and you waste thousands of gallons of water and incur a hefty utility bill. 

ThermOmegaTech’s self-modulating HAT/FP freeze protection valve eliminates these problematic scenarios to protect your investments all winter long.

HAT/FP Valves On Dry-Dock Water Lines
HAT/FP Valves On Dry-Dock Water Lines

Installed at the end of the dry-dock supply line, the HAT/FP continuously monitors ambient or water temperature. When the temperature falls to the valve’s set-point, it automatically opens to bleed the cold water and allow warmer water to back fill. Once the freeze danger passes, the valve modulates closed to conserve water.

The HAT/FP operates completely mechanically and requires no outside source of electricity to quickly and reliably respond to falling temperatures.

Designed with stainless-steel components and manufactured in The United States of America, the HAT/FP is accurate, reliable, and completely impervious to human error, guaranteeing a long service life protecting your investments.

Naval Bases Using the HAT/FP On Water Supply Lines


October 15, 2019

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