Thermal Bypass Valves Keep A&D Projects in the Goldilocks Range


The importance of temperature management in delicate aerospace & defense applications cannot be overstated. Fluids that are too hot can cause reduced fluid viscosity, internal leakage, pump cavitation, and eventual component failure. Fluids that are too cold increase fluid viscosity, resulting in high stress on system components.

To keep systems operating efficiently, ThermOmegaTech®’s 3-way thermal bypass valves (TBVs) are used to precisely maintain fluid temperatures with a narrow and pre-selected “goldilocks” range.

Group of thermal bypass valves


Our thermostatic valves monitor inlet flow and automatically divert the fluid based on temperature to one of two outlet ports. Fluid below the valve’s set-point temperature is bypassed to a reservoir or bypass loop while fluid at or above the set-point is diverted to the system’s cooler.

A market leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating thermal control solutions, our TBVs are used to control fluid temperatures in the following aerospace & defense applications.


Self-propelled Howitzer

Our thermal bypass valve cartridge controls the hydraulic oil cooling system on the self-propelled Howitzer. The valve monitors and diverts inlet flow to a heat exchanger or bypasses it back to the pump to minimize warm-up times on startup.

Thermal Bypass Valves on the self-propelled Howitzer tank

Patriot Missile Launcher Radar Set

Our thermal bypass valve controls hydraulic fluid temperatures on the Patriot Missile Launcher Radar Set. To satisfy application-specific needs, a custom override handle can be used to direct inlet flow to the heat exchanger regardless of fluid temperature.

Thermal Bypass Valve in Hydraulic Control

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Our thermal bypass valve cartridge controls the avionics cooling system on the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft. The cartridge is integrated into a manifold to monitor recirculating coolant temperature and minimize warm-up times.

Thermal Bypass Valve in Electronics Cooling

All ThermOmegaTech® valves function completely mechanically, requiring no source of electricity to operate, even under extreme conditions. Our valves are 100% Made In America with stainless steels components for a guaranteed long service life with no maintenance requirements.

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September 15, 2019

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