How F-16 & F-18 Military Aircraft Keep Cool with Avionics Cooling

Aviation is advancing faster than ever before, with designs constantly evolving to push the limits of what’s possible. Modern aircraft are made to be high-performing, lightweight, reliable, and technologically advanced to achieve mission success, even in the most extreme environments. These cutting-edge aircraft carry high-tech electronic systems and equipment which generate high amounts of heat to ensure effective operation, modern avionics cooling solutions have evolved to keep up.

Military Aircraft: F-16 & F-18 Military Aircraft

To ensure optimal in-air performance, the F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-18 C/D rely on ThermOmegaTech’s mixing & diverting (M/D) valves to provide thermal relief and effective avionics cooling.

F-16 and F-18 C/D Aircraft Avionics Cooling

To keep avionics functioning at peak performance, M/D valves, operating in thermal bypass mode, maintain operating temperatures within a narrow and predetermined range by controlling the flow of the avionics’ coolant through the system.

How The M/D Valves Work For Avionics Cooling

Thermal Diverting Thermal Bypass ValvesThermOmegaTech’s 3-way Mixing or Diverting (M/D) thermostatic temperature control valves are used in applications where precision and reliability are vital for success.

Using an internal thermostatic actuator to monitor current fluid temperatures constantly, these valves automatically divert coolant through the system to maintain its temperature within a narrow and pre-defined optimal range.

In diverting applications for avionics cooling, the valve diverts a single inlet flow to one of 2 outlet ports, depending on current fluid temperature. Fluid at temperatures below the valve’s set-point is recirculated back through the system, while fluid above the set-point is directed to a heat exchanger.

Utilizing our compact thermal actuator technology, our M/D valves are reliable, precise, and fast-acting. Offered in various sizes, materials, and temperature set-points to satisfy almost any design, they are the invaluable cornerstone of any avionics cooling application.

Need Something Custom?

ThermOmegaTech understands the demanding requirements for unique application designs in Aerospace and Defense applications which is why our in-house team of dedicated and experienced design engineers will help you customize a solution that suits your specific needs. Just give us the requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.

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