Airplane Galley Safety Tip: Scald Protection


While traveling on modern aircraft, passengers are often offered food and beverages from the airplane’s galley. Like any dining service, the staff is expected to maintain proper cleaning and sanitation procedures while preparing food and beverages for the passengers. This includes the regular use of faucets supplying water for washing hands or part of service item prep.

While considered a luxury of air travel, kitchenette designs can quickly become a danger to staff and even passengers if scalding hot water is unexpectedly released through a faucet. For this reason, scald protection needs to be implemented for the safety of staff and passengers.

Airplane Galley Scald Protection

Typically, airplane galley faucets don’t produce water hot enough to scald. However, when a coffee maker’s boiling water backflows through a shared manifold, dangerously overheated water can be released from a faucet.

ThermOmegaTech’s self-actuating, thermostatic HAT valve is designed to prevent this backflow from being released.

Installed between the manifold and the faucet, the HAT continuously senses the temperature of water flowing through it. It will automatically modulate closed to interrupt flow should temperatures exceed the valve’s set-point.

Thermostatic Scald Protection Valves


Once the water cools to appropriate temperatures, the valve will modulate open to allow for normal operation.

Utilizing thermal actuator technology, the valve functions 100% mechanically and requires no source of electricity to operate. Made with stainless steel components, the HAT valve is corrosion resistant and has a guaranteed long service life with no required maintenance.

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