Don’t Let Your Water Supply Lines Freeze This Winter- Implement The HAT/FP Freeze Protection Valve


When temperatures drop, water freezes. While this can result in idyllic winter seasons, it can also cause extensive damage to facilities with dry-dock water supply lines. Without a proper freeze protection valve installed, water supply lines are at risk of freezing, leading to burst pipes, vital equipment overheating, and potentially dangerous conditions.

The Ideal Solution

ThermOmegaTech’s HAT/FP Freeze protection valve is the most economical and efficient solution to prevent water lines from freezing.

Freeze Protection Valve

100% mechanically operated, the HAT/FP is installed in-line to continuously monitor ambient or water temperatures depending on installation. Utilizing a thermal actuator to control piston movement, the valve will automatically modulate open to initiate water flow should the temperature fall below the valve’s set-point (35°F [1.7°C] recommended).

As warmer water gradually begins to backfill from the resupply, the valve will modulate closed again to conserve water, once it senses that the water temperature is 5°F above the valve’s set-point (typically 40°F [4.4°C]). This ensures an automatic yet economically friendly design since no power is required to operate the valve.

Unlike traditional manual freeze protection valves, ThermOmegaTech’s self-operating HAT/FP is a more accurate and reliable solution that is resistant to human error.

HAT/FP Freeze Protection Valve Installations

Some of these notable bases include:

  • Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division at Keyport
  • Manchester Fuel Depot
  • Naval Station Everett
  • Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
  • Naval Magazine Indian Island.
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