Got a Temperature Control Problem? We’ve Got Your Solution with Custom Design Engineering

Got a Temperature Control Problem? We’ve Got Your Solution with Custom Design Engineering!

Custom Design Engineering


Does your application have specific project requirements that are difficult to satisfy? We have a solution for you with custom design engineering!

ThermOmegaTech offers a variety of standard valve options for thermostatic control, thermal bypass, freeze protection, and scald protection. However, if you are looking for something outside of our standard offerings, our in-house team of design engineers is more than qualified to develop an innovative temperature control solution to meet your project-specific needs.

Our Thermostatic Technology

Custom Thermostatic Valve

Our exclusive Thermoloid® paraffin wax actuator powers our thermostatic valves. Each actuator is precisely blended to produce a controlled volume change and usable piston stroke in response to a narrow range of temperature variations.

When the thermal actuator is in its “cold position,” the Thermoloid® wax is solid, and the piston is retracted. Once the temperature increases to within the valve’s pre-determined active range, the wax changes into its liquid phase, undergoing thermal expansion and increasing volume.

This expansion extends the piston, producing usable stroke and putting the actuator into its “hot position.” The piston can then act upon a valve stem, lever, or any other mechanical device requiring this type of movement.


Thermostatic Valves – Custom Design Engineering

Our temperature control valves can be customized to meet project-specific requirements across various applications. Modifications can be made to a standard valve’s:

  • Opening/closing temperatures
  • Flow rates
  • Threads
  • Materials
  • Number of ports
  • Size
  • Configuration

Our in-house team of highly trained design experts has made custom designs for various critical A&D applications, including hydraulic fluid temperature control for the Patriot Missile System Radar Set, remote underwater release mechanisms for deep water buoys, airflow control for unmanned aerial vehicles, and more.

If you have a temperature problem, we have the solution!

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