Galley Scald Protection To Protect Airline Crews


Galley Scald Protection To Protect Airline Crews From Scalding Water

From their design and manufacture to daily operations, airplanes must be well-oiled machines to ensure strict schedules are kept and passengers and crew are safe while on board.

Between the acceleration, physics, and the fact that you’re being hurtled into the sky makes it seem like taking off and landing are the only danger of air travel, there are other safety concerns that the general public doesn’t see.

Amid the procedures and protocols in place for any imaginable circumstance arriving from a malfunction or passenger situation, airlines must also have a back-up plan for protecting both crew and passengers from potentially scalding over-temperature water.

Normally, airplane galley faucets don’t produce water hot enough to scald. However, when a coffee maker’s boiling water back flows through a shared manifold, the dangerously hot water can be released from a faucet.

Scald Protection in Airplane Galley Faucets
Galley Scald Protection Application Rendering

Our thermostatic scald protection HAT valve prevents this back flow of potentially scalding water. Installed between the manifold and faucet, the valve continuously senses the temperature of the water flowing through it.

When the temperature rises to the valve’s set-point due to over-temperature back flow, the valve automatically closes to interrupt flow. Only once the water has cooled to below the valve’s set-point will it open and re-establish flow.

The HAT valve is unaffected by pressure variations, so while passenger’s ears are popping as the plane ascends or descends, our valve continues to protect both crew and casual hand-washers.

Utilizing our innovative thermostatic technology, the valve functions mechanically and does not require a source of electricity.

100% Made In America with stainless steel components, the HAT is corrosion resistant and has a guaranteed long service life with no required maintenance.

Our HAT scald protection valve is trusted by thousands of commercial and private aircraft to protect their crew and passengers. Installations include the Airbus 380, Airbus A330, Airbus A350, Boeing B747, Boeing B777 and Boeing KC-46A Tanker.

February 15, 2020

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