Avionics Cooling with Thermal Bypass Valves


Avionics Cooling TBVs

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and military aircraft carry advanced electronics and equipment critical to their successful operation. While innovation is carrying airborne technologies farther and higher than ever before, current avionic cooling practices cannot keep up with the immense heat generated by modern electronics.

To address the limitations of traditional cooling methods, aerospace & defense manufacturers have turned to liquid cooling solutions.

Liquid cooling presents its own thermal challenges, and the ThermOmegaTech thermostatic 3-Way Thermal Bypass Valve (TBV) is an efficient and effective method to control avionics cooling systems.


Avionics Cooling TBVs
Custom-Designed TBV for Avionics Cooling

Our 3-Way TBVs are used to precisely maintain coolant fluid recirculation temperature within a narrow and pre-defined “goldilocks” range to promote system efficiency by sending coolant to a cooler only when it has sufficiently increased temperature reducing overall system wear and minimizing warm-up times.

Designed with the most advanced and reliable thermally-actuated technology available today, the TBV senses inlet flow temperature and automatically diverts the fluid based solely on temperature. Fluid below the valve’s set-point is recirculated through the system while fluid at or above the valve’s set-point is diverted to the system’s cooler.

Avionics Cooling TBVs

Avionics Cooling TBVs

Compact and fast-acting, our 3-Way Thermal Bypass Valves are easily integrated into systems, even those with stringent space restrictions. Relying on thermostatic actuator technology, the TBV functions 100% mechanically and does not require a source of electricity to operate.

For maneuvers that push the limits of human achievement and require a valve as unique as the project it is to be implemented into, our team of in-house design engineers can modify our line of avionics cooling TBVs to suit.

Alternations can be made to a thermal bypass valve’s number of ports, size, configuration, material, the temperature at which it will fully open and close, and more. A market leader since our founding in 1983, ThermOmegaTech will rise to meet any avionics cooling design challenge.


April 15, 2020

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