Custom Engineered Thermal Solutions Designed to Perform


Aerospace and defense is an industry still in its infancy. The first flight only occurred in 1903 and, while armed forces have been around for centuries, advanced technologies and scaled production has really flourished in the last century as a result of modern-day engineering.

While young, A&D is a diverse field encompassing everything from submarines and tanks to fighter jets and spacecraft. Our armed forces and scientists rely on these crafts to operate effectively, and ThermOmegaTech is proud to provide custom-engineered thermal solutions vital to their successful operation.


Custom-Designed Valves

Pioneering designers that push the boundaries of science and sanity need temperature control solutions that perform. Whether they are exploring the seas, conquering the skies, or mapping the stars, we provide custom-engineered thermal control to satisfy any project’s unique needs.

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Custom Engineered Thermal Solutions That Perform

Custom Engineered Thermal Solutions That Perform


Customization Options

Our in-house, multi-disciplinary team of experienced engineers have designed dozens of custom engineered thermal solutions that meet our customers specific needs. Customizations can be made to a valve’s open or close temperature, material, size, operating pressure, number of inlets/outlets, and other features such as overrides. Our state-of-the art manufacturing facility allows for prototyping, small batches, as well as full production runs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of product experts!

November 15, 2019