Reliable Freeze Protection For Your Dry-Dock Water Lines

Dry-Dock Freeze Protection

Dry-docked Naval ships typically have several water lines supplying critical on-board systems and processes that cannot be left without water. To prevent these supply lines from freezing during frigid winter weather, likely resulting in system interruptions and hefty repair expenses, there must be a freeze protection solution to drain the cold water from the system before it can freeze.

Traditionally, shipyards used manual freeze protection valves for their dry-dock water supply lines. These valves are simple on/off flow valves, necessitating an operator to open it before a freeze and close it after the temperature has risen. Inevitably plagued by human error, this design often results in either freeze damage from forgetting to open the valve, or a spike in utility costs from forgetting to close the valve after the freeze danger has long passed.

A Dynamic Freeze Protection Solution

ThermOmegaTech®’s thermostatic, self-actuating HAT/FP water supply line freeze protection valve effectively eliminates human error and its costly ramifications by continuously monitoring ambient or water temperatures, depending on the installation.

When the monitored temperature falls to the HAT/FP’s set-point, the valve will automatically open to bleed off the cold water and allow warmer water to back fill in the line. Once the water temperature flowing through the valve has risen above the set-point, the valve modulates closed to conserve water.

HAT/FP Freeze Protection Valve

Installed in-line, the HAT/FP is compact and fast-acting with a rapid response time to falling temperatures. Requiring no regular maintenance or source of electricity to operate, the self-actuating HAT/FP valve is truly “set it and forget it” with a guaranteed long service life keeping your facility freeze-free.

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