Maintain System Temperature With Thermal Bypass Valves

Maintain System Temperature

Almost every vehicle designed for aerospace and defense, from land-based military tactical vehicles to unmanned aerial vehicles, rely on thermal control to maintain optimal performance. These systems typically require fast warm-up, precisely controlled fluid temperature, and low return-line back pressure.

Temperatures that are too high can cause reduced fluid viscosity, internal leakage, pump cavitation, and eventual component failure; temperatures that are too low increase fluid viscosity, resulting in increased system stress and shortened component lifespans.

ThermOmegaTech’s® thermal bypass valve (TBV) maintains system temperatures within a narrow and pre-specified optimal temperature range. Used in a wide range of A&D applications where temperature control is vital to project success, our TBVs ensure precise and reliable thermal management.


How It Works

The thermal bypass valve continuously monitors inlet flow temperatures and automatically diverts the fluid to one of two ports, depending on temperature. When inlet flow is below the TBV’s set-point temperature, it is directed to a reservoir or bypass loop and continues to circulate through the system. If temperature exceeds the valve’s set-point, the TBV directs flow to the system cooler or heat exchanger.

Dynamically designed, the 3-way Thermal Bypass Valve can be used in both mixing and diverting applications, precisely proportioning flow in response to temperature.

In mixing applications, the TBV automatically modulates between hot and cold inlet feeds to proportionately mix the fluid to the desired outlet port temperature.

When diverting, the TBV diverts a single flow to one of two ports. Cooler fluid is directed to the reservoir, while hotter fluid is directed to the heat exchanger.


Mixing and Diverting Thermal Valves (mouse over images to animate)


Thermal Diverting

Thermal Bypassing

Thermal Mixing

Our TBV’s monitor and control system-critical fluids in a variety of A&D applications including electronics cooling, hydraulic fluid cooling, hydraulic thermal bypass, lube oil cooling, lube oil thermal bypass, fuel/oil coolers, engine and compressor cooling systems, direct injection water heater, space vehicle cabin air control, and more.


September 8, 2020