Mixing & Diverting Applications in Aerospace & Defense


An established leader in self-actuating thermostatic technology, ThermOmegaTech®’s 3-way Mixing and Diverting (M&D) valves are used in a variety of Aerospace & Defense (A&D) applications.

Designed with the most advanced and reliable thermal actuator technology available today, our M&D valves are compact, reliable, and fast-acting. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, they are the invaluable cornerstone of any mixing or diverting project application.

ThermOmegaTech® M&D valves are used in diverting applications for avionic electronics cooling in the F-16 Fighting Falcon & the EA-18G Growler. To keep these military aircraft’s electronics functioning at peak performance, the M&D valve directs an inlet coolant to 1 of 2 ports depending on the coolant temperature, before the coolant is recirculated through the system.

F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-16 Fighting Falcon
EA-18G Growler
EA-18G Growler

A unique application requires an equally unique valve, and we welcome the challenge. ThermOmegaTech® multidisciplinary in-house team of experienced engineers will work with you to customize a valve’s number of ports, size, configuration, material, the temperature at which it will fully open and close, and just about anything else imaginable. Your challenge meets our solution, and ThermOmegaTech® adaptability is one of our greatest strengths.

A custom M&D valve was designed for the Patriot Missile Launcher to control its hydraulic system’s coolant temperature. In a typical application, inlet coolant would be directed to 1 of 2 ports depending on its temperature; one port would recirculate the coolant and the other would filter it through a heat exchanger.

To meet this specific project needs, ThermOmegaTech®’s engineers designed an override valve that directs the inlet flow to the heat exchanger no matter the fluid’s temperature, as well as designing ports with custom thread planes to be compatible with existing hardware.

Patriot Missile Launcher

For mixing applications, the M&D valve combines the flow from two inlet ports with different temperatures to produce a consistent outlet port temperature. A typical mixing valve application in A&D is electronics cooling, specifically when delicate electronics can only be exposed to liquids at a certain range. In this application, a M&D valve would maintain a consistent specified outlet temperature to ensure the equipment is maintained at the correct temperature.

These applications of the M&D valves are only a few of the many solutions our technology can provide. Contact us to find a solution for your aerospace and defense challenge.


October 15, 2018